Stress Incontinence Surgery/Urinary Incontinence SurgeryInvoluntary Urinary leakage/ Uncontrolled Urinary Leakage

What is stress incontinence?

Stress incontinence is when a person suddenly leak urine whenever there is pressure over the bladder such as coughing, laughing or lifting of heavy weight. Genuine stress incontinence is involuntary loss of urine which occurs whenever there is rise in the intravesical (inside urinary bladder) pressure.

Normally whenever there is increased pressure inside the urinary bladder the detrusor muscle (urinary bladder muscle) at the neck of gallbladder contracts and does not allow the urine to pass into urethra spontaneously.

The usual cause of stress incontinence is weakness of pelvic floor muscles of females after repeated childbirths. This weakens the support for the vagina that is important to maintain the angle between bladder and urethra. Many women suffer from the problem of stress incontinence. This causes a significant amount of medical, social and psychological problems in females.


In initial stages most of the patients are benefitted by medical management as well as by adapting certain pelvic floor exercises. However, in some patients this mechanical defect is to an extent that cannot be rectified by non-surgical means.

Surgical Options

The surgical procedure performed for stress incontinence is called Burch Colposuspension. This surgery can be performed either by open method or laparoscopically. Laparoscopic Burch colposuspension is now considered as a gold standard method for the treatment of stress incontinence.

What is Burch Colposuspension?

In Burch Colposuspension the front wall of the vagina is lifted with the help of permanent stitches and attached to the ligament in the pelvis. These supporting stitches give more support to the urinary bladder and the angle between the bladder and urethra is maintained and its remains closed during stress/pressure.

All the procedure is performed laparoscopically through the abdomen and does not involve any intervention from below/perineum. Three small cuts are made in the abdomen and with the help of a telescope that is attached to a camera and few working instruments the procedure is performed. The success rate of colposuspension is very good with great patient satisfaction.

Recovery Period

Normally hospital stay for the patient is for only one day.
It is important to rest after the operation and allow the area to heal.
Generally it is recommended to

  • Restrict activity for two weeks
  • Avoid heavy lifting for 6 weeks
  • Abstain from sexual activity for 6 weeks


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