Surgery Packages

Lahore Laparoscopic Surgery

Packages for the Month of August and September, 2011




Specific Exclusions

Diagnostic Laparoscopy 35000/-  
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 40000/-  
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair 45000/-  
Hemorrhoids (Piles Surgery) 35000/-  

Day Care Surgery: In a day care surgery the patients is discharged home the same day a few hours after the surgery.Day care surgery can be performed only in selected cases.



Gallbladder Removal 45000/-  
Appendix Removal 40000/-  
Hernia Repair 45000/-  
Colorectal Surgery 80000/-  
Urine Incontinence Surgery (Burch Colposuspension) 65000/-  
Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery) (Packages are individualized in each case and starts from 150,000/.The cost of disposable Equipment is not included in this package.)  


Post Bariatric Procedures    
Panniculectomy/Tummy Tuck 70000/-  
Breast Cancer Surgery 80000/-  
Thyroid Surgery 50000/-  
Anal Surgery(Hemorrhoids/Anal Fissure) 35000/-  

The packages of various other different minor and major general surgical procedures and other advanced laparoscopic procedures will be updated soon.

Note:The surgery will be performed at Mid City hospital

  • These facilities of the above mentioned packages will include cost of Surgery, theater charges, anesthesia, recovery room charges, doctors and nursing charges
  • The packages of surgery that are not performed in a day care setting does not include the cost of daily room charges, the cost of disposable equipments and the medicines used during and pre and post operative period.
  • The total cost of private ward patients is about 20% less than the announced packages.
  • The room charges will be according to type of room facility selected by the patient. The following categories of room facilities are available at Mid City Hospital
Private Ward Private room VIP room Executive Room Executive Suite
Note:These packages can be modified and increased in high risk patients and patients having other co-morbid associated conditions apart from the ailment that require surgery.

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